Our Clients Speak

“[They] helped me navigate this complicated environment with intelligenceconfidence and ease. Faced with an uncertain upcoming verdict, [they] were able to get my sentence reduced to the BEST possible outcome. I owe them a debt of gratitude… I have total confidence recommending them to handle any of the many legal issues that someone may run into during their lifetime.” 

“...very professionalknowledgeable and helpful from day one of the process. Their efforts in my case went above and beyond…”

“Mark Hannan’s legal services were exactly what I needed in my situation. I had received criminal charges that I believed to be unjust and consulted with Mr. Hannan. He explained how the whole process would work to me, got my court date postponed to a date convenient for me, and put me at ease heading to the appearance. 

He came prepared with specific legal references to support my claim. He met with the District Attorney before my time to appear and calmly and professionally stated our case while building a good working relationship with the DA. The DA saw our side of the story and dismissed the criminal charges without the need for a trial. I payed a small fine as my part of the deal and most importantly, have no criminal record. 

I do not believe I would be in the same situation without Mr. Hannan’s services and I am glad I called him.”

“Mr. Mark D. Hannan represented our Organization, and, by association of the subject matter, other similar Organizations, with an Opinion pertaining to proposed changes to local zoning laws. The changes would make it difficult, if not fully impossible, for Organizations such as ours to function or even exist. Mr. Hannan, operating in an accelerated time period, was able to: gather together all applicable local zoning laws; understand how said changes would adversely affect Organizations such as ourselves; and put together a well executed Opinion that clearly stated the Legal reasons for our opposition to the proposed changes. I’ve personally worked with competent Lawyers multiple times in the past, and, in my personal opinion, Mr. Hannan’s professionalism, efficiency and knowledge of the subject matter put him at the top of that very esteemed group.”

“Mark’s firm helped my small business draft a liability contract. They were efficient, helpful, and professional. I would use their services again!”

“… [their] compassion, patience and ability to communicate really set me and my family at ease.

“Mr. Hannan was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful from day 1 of the process, his efforts in my case went above and beyond. I appreciate all the help I received from Mr. Hannan.”

Trustworthy and Reliable, with Results…”

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