Simple Assault Charges in NJ – What You Should Know

Simple assault in New Jersey may be just a misdemeanor. But if you charged with it, you should seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. A person is charged with simple assault when he or she is accused of attempting to injure or cause bodily harm to another person knowingly, unknowingly or due to recklessness. Simple assault also covers any actions of a person that are menacing and instill fear of possible bodily harm in another person.

Simple Assault Charges

What happens when you are charged with simple assault in NJ?

If a person aged over 18 is charged of simple assault in New Jersey, he or she will be taken into custody and will be issued a warrant to show up in court to plead guilty or not guilty. When you are charged of simple assault, one option you have is to hire a criminal lawyer to defend you and have you acquitted. In case you are found not guilty, you are free to go. If you are convicted of simple assault, the punishment can be in the form of jail time, community service or fines depending on how your case has been argued.

Also, if you are charged of simple assault after you are 18 years old, the charges become a part of your record permanently.

Do you need an attorney for simple assault?

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You might think that as simple assault is a misdemeanor, there is no need for a lawyer. But on the contrary, wrongful or improper representation of someone accused of simple assault can lead to conviction. A conviction means that you will have to serve either jail time, pay a heavy fine or commit to community service for a specific period. That is not all. If you get convicted after you are 18 years of age, you will have a permanent criminal record.

If found guilty of simple assault before a person turns 16 years old, it will still be on record, although it won’t be made public. In any case, the best option for you to avoid wrongful conviction and jail time is to hire an experienced attorney who knows in and out of criminal laws in New Jersey.

Simple assault charges aren’t so simple after all

Simple assault may seem like a trivial charge but it isn’t. There are many ramifications if you are convicted of simple assault and to avoid them, you should rely on an attorney and not handle it on your own.

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