New York DUI & DWI

Depend on New York DUI/DWI lawyers who are ready to tenaciously defend your rights. Our firm investigates essential elements of the situation including the sobriety tests and the circumstances surrounding your motor vehicle stop.

Were you recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs within the state of New York? It is a grave situation when you are charged with DWI or DUI in New York. Insurance surcharges and expensive fines can rock your financial world. Suspension of your driver’s license and potential jail time can take away your freedom. It is imperative to choose a NY DUI attorney who is ready to FIGHT for you rather than simply go to Court with you to plead guilty.

Regardless of your circumstances, we can take certain actions to help if you were charged with DWI or DUI. Take advantage of our knowledgeable and attentive representation as we consider all available options to protect your rights. We review crucial facts such as the accuracy of field sobriety testing info and the circumstances of your motor vehicle stop. Our firm also explores adherence to Alcotest procedures.

Our compassionate attorneys understand people make mistakes. Being charged with a DWI or DUI should not define you. Give yourself the opportunity for an elusive second chance by hiring the best and most affordable DWI attorney in the New York area. We aggressively defend your rights for the best possible outcome.

We proudly serve the counties of Monroe, Ontario, Seneca and Wayne, as well as taking select cases in the greater New York City area.