Contract Drafting & Negotiations

A thoroughly understood and well-structured contract is essential to a successful business agreement.  Whether you are entering into an agreement for a relatively simple sale or a complex business transaction, it is extremely important that the contract protects your rights and provides clarity and understanding to parties involved.  To ensure that your contract is properly negotiated, drafted, reviewed, and/or enforced, you need a skilled New York lawyer who is prepared to go above and beyond to protect your contractual needs.

Contract Drafting & Negotiations

In addition to working transactions and agreements involving your business or personal matters, we possess in-depth experience in the areas of Sports and Entertainment Law.

Whether you are a small New York firm looking to expand, an emerging artist seeking to protect yourself from big business exploitation, or an athlete proactively seeking guidance as you start your professional career, we will represent you diligently in all your business and contractual matters.

Friendly and affordable, NEVER compromising, and ALWAYS competent, our skilled attorneys will aggressively negotiate, draft, review, and enforce all types of contracts. When it comes to your business, services, career, and assets, you must always proactively protect your rights.  Allow us to provide you peace of mind. Call us today.

We proudly serve the counties of Monroe, Ontario, Seneca and Wayne, as well as taking select cases in the greater New York City area.