Questions and Answers from Robert F. Black Jr. as seen on Avvo.com:

Q: Can I get PTI without the use of a lawyer: Charges are credit card fraud, and credit card theft, this is my first time ever being in troubleAsked over 6 years ago in Criminal Defense

A: Robert’s answer: You should hire an attorney for this matter. It’s not worth the risk.

Q: How much jail time would suspect recieve for forgery, strong arm robbery and hindering?: Person has no prior arrests but had 2 warrants for traffic tickets. Attempted to pay with fake money and flee but was confronted which led to an altercation with store clerk.Asked over 6 years ago in Criminal Defense

A: Robert’s answer: They may be eligable for PTI. They should hire an attorney immediately.Answered over 6 years ago.

Q: Fired from walmart. Need to appeal for unemployment: The 10-15 minutes on my last day due to public transportJust got a letter in the mail stating that I’m denied unemployment due to being late due to public transportation on my last day. Mind you I live about a half hr drive away on a car and over a hr drive on the bus. Also didn’t inform job that I was gonna be late that day because my cellphone is unreliable . I did have write ups under my belt but I was a valued employee while I was there in almost a 2 year time spanAsked over 6 years ago in Employment

A: Robert’s answer: You should contact an attorney who deals with these types of matters. If you can show that you were late as a result of circumstances beyond your control you very likely have a decent case. My firm, along with others, handle these types of matters.

Good Luck,Answered over 6 years ago.

Questions and Answers from Mark D. Hannan as seen on Avvo.com:

Q: My Husband was convicted of “disorderly conduct” in NY. the judge said that after a year the charge will be dropped.: as long as he stayed out of trouble during the year. two years have passed, does that mean that the record is now expunged? or do we need to apply for expungement? does he have to answer “yes” on application for citizenship to the conviction questions?Asked over 7 years ago in Criminal Defense

A: Mark’s answer: If the arrest happened in NY it sounds like your husband received an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal. This is neither a probationary period or a dismissal of the charge. What happens is after a year the charge will be dismissed and sealed unless the Prosecution for some reason objects. Your husbands status restored to what it was before the arrest, as long as he has avoided getting in trouble since the arrest.

New Jersey offers a similar resolution called a Conditional Discharge, however, they operate differently procedurally and should not be lumped together as “the same.” I hope this helps and best of luck with your situation.Answered over 7 years ago.

Q: Non Compete agreement with small IT vendor: Hi, I am currently working as a consultant with client (A) through my company (D) and in between there is a main vendor (B) and a small vendor (C). My company D has signed non compete agreement with company (D) which states as follows:

“Supplier agrees that it will not approach nor solicit business from C’s Clients for a period of one year after the last date that any Consultant placed by C provides services for Clients. Supplier agrees that it will not place or attempt to place any other Consultants or continue the employment of any Consultant placed by C with Clients for such one-year period without the prior written consent of C.”

Duration: 05/29/2012 to 11/28/2012.

Based on this lines in agreement can my company D remove C and deal directly with main vendor B at this time?Asked over 7 years ago in Employment

A: Mark’s answer: To specifically answer your question I would need to review the entire document and receive some facts on the time period. That being said I can inform you that the validity of non-competes often lies in the reasonableness of the time and distance the restriction covers. I.e. a Non Compete for a grocery store clerk stating they could not work for any store in a 1000 mile radius and for 10 years would clearly not be upheld by a court.Answered over 7 years ago.


A: Mark’s answer: I would love to assist you in answering this question as being cheated out of a space is always much worse than money itself. I suggest talking to an attorney. Most attorneys dealing in Landlord Tenant law, including my firm, should be happy to consult you for free. Best of Luck!Answered almost 8 years ago.