Divorce Due to Domestic Abuse – What You Should Understand

There are many grounds for divorce, the most common and difficult one being domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is when one spouse abuses the other physically or emotionally. When the abuse is physical, it is also referred to as domestic violence. Domestic abuse is a silent weapon that some people indulge in behind closed doors to bruise their spouses in every way possible. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, then you must not delay in approaching the law enforcement and in filing for divorce.

Domestic Abuse

Understanding domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is any kind of behavior by one spouse to control, intimidate and humiliate the other spouse. This can include sexual abuse, financial or economic abuse, physical abuse and emotional torture. Here are some examples of domestic abuse.

Manipulation and intimidation – If your spouse refuses to see your point of view and repeatedly twists your words and uses them to manipulate you, it is abuse. In such a situation, the abuser aims to make the victim feel guilty.

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Economic control or isolation – This kind of abuse involves in preventing the spouse to work, or have any kind of economic freedom. They may even refuse to let the spouse study or create a career and try to have an upper hand financially.

Pressure, harassment – They discount everything or anything that has to do with you and refuse to take what you say seriously – that is harassment and a covert form of domestic abuse.

Disrespect, insulting in public and attacks on self-esteem – Attacking the spouse’s self-esteem, disrespecting or insulting the spouse in public is also a form of domestic abuse, and can be grounds for divorce.

Don’t be afraid to share details

Domestic abuse can be scary and not an easy experience to share. Talking about will not be pleasant, but if your spouse is violent and physically abusive, approach law enforcement immediately. When you apply for divorce on grounds of domestic abuse, be sure to tell your lawyer everything in detail. This will ensure that your rights are not violated in case your spouse decides to contest the divorce.

Your safety is important

The cycle of domestic abuse goes like this – trouble brews up and escalates, the abuser attacks you verbally or physically, then he or she feels remorse and tries to make up through gifts or charm. If it is a pattern with the abuser, the same cycle is repeated. So keep in mind – your safety is most important. If at any stage you think that your safety is jeopardized in the marriage, opt out of it legally.

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