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Monmouth County Attorney Robert F. Black Named Top 40 Under 40

Hannan & Black Law Group’s Robert F. Black, Jr. has recently been named to The National Trial Lawyers “Top 40 Under 40″ for 2014. The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 under 40 is a professional organization composed of the top trial lawyers from each state or regions of certain highly-populated states who are younger than the age of 40.

Membership into The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 under 40 is by invitation only and is extended exclusively to those trial lawyers practicing civil Read more […]

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Injuries Resulting from Winter Slip-and-Fall: Do I have a Case?

Generally, residential property owners are under no duty to keep the public sidewalk adjoining their premises free of snow and ice. It is important to remember that this rule excludes only residential landowners from liability. Such owners owe no duty to a pedestrian to remove ice and snow from their abutting sidewalk. The residential landowner is not liable for the condition of a sidewalk caused by the action of the elements or by wear and tear incident to public use.
However, as any good Read more […]

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Second Chances Pro-Bono Initiative

HANNAN & BLACK LAW GROUP is proud to announce the launch of Second Chances TM, a pro-bono campaign dedicated to providing free or reduced cost legal services to individuals currently suffering from drug or alcohol addiction but who are committed to achieving and maintaining a healthy and sober life style.  Clients will be chosen on a case by case basis. Applicants must show they are unable to afford an attorney and must be able to prove a willingness and desire to achieve recovery. For more Read more […]

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Stay Denied in NJ Gay Marriage Case – Not Harm but Justice

Gov. Chris Christie’s attempt to stay an order permitting same-sex couples to marry was denied Thursday, prompting the state to obtain permission to file an emergent motion for leave to appeal the denial of a stay.
The refusal by Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson to stay her Sept. 27 ruling in Garden State Equality v. Dow paves the way for gay and lesbian couples to marry beginning Oct. 21.
In Garden State Equality, Jacobson held that the U.S. Supreme Court’s June ruling in U.S. v. Windsor, Read more […]

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Huge New Jersey Decision Regarding Liability and Texting

In a case of first impression, a New Jersey appeals court has held that a remote texter can be held liable to third parties for injuries caused when the distracted driver has an accident.
However, that is only true if the individual sending the texts from another location knew they were being viewed by the recipient as he or she was driving. In the case at bar, the trial court held that insufficient knowledge was shown to defeat a motion for summary judgment by the defendant texter. The appellate Read more […]

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Chris Christie’s (anti)-Gay Marriage Legal Brief ‘Reads Like A Bad Student Paper’

Awarding equivalent material benefits does not erase the stigma of separating a class of people from the core institutions of American life.
New Jersey voters support giving same-sex couples the right to marry by a two-to-one margin, according to a poll released July 10, 2013.
The Quinnipiac University poll of 1,068 voters found 60 percent support a state law to allow same-sex marriage, while 31 percent oppose it.
The state Legislature last year passed a bill to allow gay marriage in New Jersey. Read more […]

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Watch Out For Those Pretty Paralegals

I came across an interesting story in the ABA Law Journal yesterday that was both humorous and a great example of how prosecutors and judges really dislike drama in the court room.
According to court documents, an attorney in Florida was arrested for DWI midway through a high-profile defamation trial after unwittingly having drinks with a seductive paralegal from the law firm representing his client’s opponent. The full article can be found here.
The smitten attorney, C. Philip Campbell contended Read more […]

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Alimony 101

Alimony or  is often a central point of contention in New Jersey divorce proceedings, especially in situations where there exists significant income disparities between the spouses.
Many litigants initially confuse “equitable distribution” and “alimony.” The difference is simple. Equitable distribution “looks back” and allots the parties’ “marital” property. Alimony, however, looks forward. It attempts to make up for the differences in the parties’ economic condition and Read more […]

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Big Potential Changes to New Jersey’s DWI Statute

New Jersey DWI law may be undergoing a big. big change that will have a huge impact on individuals convicted of driving drunk. The act, S-2427, passed by the Senate on June 27th yet still must pass through the Assembly before it can be signed by the Governor. If it does pass into law, however, it will essentially allow drivers to continue driving with restricted driving privileges, after a conviction for Driving While Intoxicated, if the driver installs an ignition interlock device.
The Act is Read more […]

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A Word About The George Zimmerman Trial

Dear Friends,

As I sit here at my desk, stumbling upon ostensibly endless ways to distract myself from the work I have piling up next to me, I cannot help but take notice of our Nations current infatuation with the State of Florida v. George Zimmerman. The entire situation has me thinking about our Country and the Justice System in general. As of the time I write this post the jury in the case is about to begin deliberation. Before the verdict is delivered I figured I would share some of my thoughts:

Trayvon Read more […]

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