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Divorce Due to Domestic Abuse – What You Should Understand

There are many grounds for divorce, the most common and difficult one being domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is when one spouse abuses the other physically or emotionally. When the abuse is physical, it is also referred to as domestic violence. Domestic abuse is a silent weapon that some people indulge in behind closed doors to bruise their spouses in every way possible. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, then you must not delay in approaching the law enforcement and in filing for divorce.

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What Are The Major Differences Between Separation And Divorce?

When a couple begins having marital problems, they have two choices. They can choose to end the marriage completely and get a divorce, or they can choose to become legally separated. Depending on the state that you live in, community property needs to be taken into consideration as does actually becoming legally separated. Certain states do not allow this. If your state does, it is important to ask, what are the major differences between separation and divorce?

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5 Common Reasons Why People Want A Divorce

There are many marriages that can stand the test of time. Everyday couples are celebrating their 20th, 30th, 40th, even 50th anniversary. Some people are not so lucky and their happy union results in divorce. There are many reasons why people get divorced. For some, the reasons are simple, for others, it is a combination of things that cause a couple to end their marriage. Below are 5 common reasons why people want a divorce:


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Alimony 101

Alimony or  is often a central point of contention in New Jersey divorce proceedings, especially in situations where there exists significant income disparities between the spouses.
Many litigants initially confuse “equitable distribution” and “alimony.” The difference is simple. Equitable distribution “looks back” and allots the parties’ “marital” property. Alimony, however, looks forward. It attempts to make up for the differences in the parties’ economic condition and Read more […]

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