5 Common Reasons Why People Want A Divorce

There are many marriages that can stand the test of time. Everyday couples are celebrating their 20th, 30th, 40th, even 50th anniversary

Reasons Why People Want A Divorce

. Some people are not so lucky and their happy union results in divorce. There are many reasons why people get divorced. For some, the reasons are simple, for others, it is a combination of things that cause a couple to end their marriage. Below are 5 common reasons why people want a divorce:


Cheating is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Whether it was a one time thing, or if a spouse is having an affair, infidelity can cause irreparable damage to a marriage. In some cases, couples can work it out. They seek counseling and are able to get through it and move on. For other couples, once the trust is broken, it is impossible to move past it. This is when one of both of the spouses file for divorce.


While an addiction is a problem of an individual, it can also become a problem in a marriage. When a person has an addiction, they become a different person. Nothing matters except for the addiction. For some, the addiction is alcohol or drugs, in some cases both. In other cases the addiction can be a gambling addiction or sex and pornography addiction. Whatever the addiction, it can tear apart the marriage. Addicts will lie as much as they need to in order to prevent people from seeing that they have a problem. When one spouse has an addiction and lies to the other, it causes serious trust issues. The entire foundation of a couple’s marriage can fall apart due to addiction. Some couples can get past addiction when they are both willing to get help. The spouse would need to seek treatment for their addiction in order to save the marriage. The other spouse may need individual counseling to move past the trust issues. It may also be necessary for the couple to seek counseling together. Unfortunately however, in many cases of addiction, the marriage ends. One spouse may not be able to deal with the addiction and will throw in the towel.


For many people, trust is the most important thing in a relationship. When that trust is broken, the marriage can fall apart. Dishonesty is not just telling lies. When a person keeps secrets from their spouse, they are also being dishonest. Keeping secrets is considered a lie of omission. By not confiding in your partner, they may see it as dishonesty. Many marriages fall apart because the trust cannot be repaired.


Unfortunately, abuse is a very common reason for divorce. Abuse does not discriminate by gender. Women abuse men just as often as men abuse women. Abuse also is not limited to physical abuse. Mental abuse is just as serious as physical abuse. When there is abuse of any kind in a marriage, it becomes toxic and it causes the marriage to fall apart. If is very difficult for a couple to get past abuse and save the marriage.

Changes in Priorities

When couples fall in love, it is usually because they share the same priorities and they typically want the same things out of life. This is what makes a couple decide to share their lives with another person. They have found someone who has the same ideas as to what they want their future to look like. While they may be on the same page for a while, a time may come where one spouses priorities change and they are not on the same page anymore. If this happens, it could lead to divorce. If both people dreamed for having children one day and one spouse decides that it is not in the cards anymore, it could be a deal breaker for the other spouse. Some couples do not want to give up their dream in order to save their marriages. While some couples are will to sacrifice their dream to save the marriage, others believe that they can not be happy and they choose to end the marriage

The end of a marriage can be a very difficult and a sad thing for those involved. However, there are times when divorce is the best thing for both parties.

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